Holiday Ninja checklist

Packed suitcases
Packed and ready to go?

What do you always forget on your self-catering holiday?

Well, by now you’ve pumped the tyres, made sure your car has water, checked your oil levels and your car is safe for the road (you have done that, haven’t you?). Well, there’s usually time to do that in the morning before you head off for your Easter break. But here’s a personal list of things that myself and my wife always check off before we set off for┬áour holiday home.

Ok, so we’re not backpacking in the Sahara or anything, but a little preparation will save frustration at the other end of the journey. The last thing you want as you step out of your car at your destination, t-shirt sticking to your back, sticky sweet wrappers and discarded fruit skins up to your knees and the kids bursting to get out of the car, is any more stress ­čÖé So here is my personal checklist before you get to your destination. Things that may not be at your holiday home that you wish you’d packed.

In fairness, all of our holiday homes are very well supplied with all of the things you should need. However, some┬áholiday homes may not supply the niggly food items and other things that we take for granted at home. These are things that I personally either buy before I leave or bring with me from home… just in case. So without further ado, here is my personal ‘pilot check list’:

  • Salt & Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Cooking oil
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Milk (enough for tea/coffee/cereal)
  • Wine/Beer
  • Openers for wine/beer
  • Some cereal for breakfast
  • Some eggs/bacon/pudding for a holiday fry up! (sustenance for the first day!)
  • A sharp knife for general cutting of vegetables etc. (I get mad if I don’t have reasonable tools for those kitchen jobs)
  • A sharp bread knife for, well, bread (and cake etc.)
  • We find it handy to have a lasagne/bolognese or similar dish just to make our first meal simpler to prepare.
  • Towels? (Have you checked with us that the property supplies towels?)
  • Tea towels (Again, check with us)
  • Loo paper and tissues (just in case there is none at your destination)
  • Dishwasher tablets (Thanks to Mike Mansfield)

That’s it. My quick checklist to help you get that peaceful holiday feeling a little quicker. Let me know if I’ve left anything off the list!!┬áMake a comment below if you have anything to add,



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