Ireland is Foodie Heaven

Top 5 Reasons Ireland is Foodie Heaven

We’ve come a long way from potatoes and coddle (don’t ask) in this country! Over the past decade, some incredible eateries have popped up all over Ireland. Foodies from around the world are starting to flock here and we’ve combined a list of reasons why we think that is:

Fresh Seafood at all times.

Our location as an island means that we have a supply of fresh fish and shellfish reaching our forks every day. Fishermen from all over Ireland work around the clock to provide fishmongers and Chefs with delicious seafood at the crack of dawn so we can get it while it’s good. The West of Ireland is particularly renowned for their oysters and there are a number of oyster farms there that visitors can tour like DK Connemara Oysters. Check out our self-catering properties in Galway while you’re at it.


Foodie festivals all over the place.

The calendar year is absolutely rammed with food festivals all over the country. From BBQs and lobster to vegan, wine and cheese events there is something for every foodie to enjoy. Check out the Irish Food Events and Festivals Calendar here.

food festivals

Seasonal Produce.

Ireland is filled with passionate Chefs who love to cook. Over the past couple of years, there has been a trend towards quality over quantity with menus being stripped back to more simple dishes that include seasonal, local produce. Foragers can take you out into the wild landscape, picking items you may never have thought about eating! Check out the guided wild food walks with Nadúr Collective.  If you’re not sure what to order, when, check out this ‘Best in Season’ calendar from the Irish Food Board, Bord Bia.

seasonal fruit and veg

Served with a slice of craic.

We’re known around the world for our hospitality (even if we do say so ourselves), voted the second most friendly by Tripadvisor just last year. Dining in Ireland has become an experience, not just about the food but about the service too. Eating around the country you are bound to meet a whole host of characters to write home about with a friendly smile and a couple of tales thrown in for good measure. Sure it’s all a bit of craic really.

people laughing

We love choice.

Gone are the days of “meat and two veg”! The Irish palate has changed and we like to have the option for a bit of everything. Most towns in Ireland will sport an array of cuisines from Chinese and Indian to Italian and Mexican. This means you can dine on something different every night without getting bored. Our Ireland at Home representatives are more than happy to chat through our local recommendations to make sure you get to the hidden gems but if in doubt, a quick search online will get you the info you need.

For more information about our self-catering properties around the country, visit our website or get in touch.


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