Nobody does weather like Connemara.

Mike, Ireland At Home partner, and intrepid IT guy reports from Connemara!

(We let him out for the weekend… and then he got all ‘artsy’ on us).

I just spent a weekend in one of the most Western points of Connemara. The wild landscape around Leitir Móir (Lettermore) and Leitir Mealláin (Lettermullan) just took my breath away. Even though I have been there many times before, it never ceases to surprise me. The barren, stoney outcrops dominate the scenery and provide an other worldly atmosphere. You have to marvel at how ancient people made a living from the land here. Soil seems to be an expensive commodity. Of course nowadays you’ll even see a lawn or two in front of houses, but the essential remoteness remains and if you’re lucky enough (breeding rates have fallen drastically in recent years) you might hear that remoteness echoed in the sound of a curlew.

Not sure the last time she sailed
Some happy campers I met. Tried to persuade them to book with IAH next time 🙂
The sun sets on another gorgeous day in Connemara
Fishing equipment in the harbour

This past weekend I wished I’d had my camera. I did have my phone however and did my best to record some stunning scenes (well, the nature was stunning, not sure if my photography skills were!) when a rainbow appeared out of nowhere from what was otherwise a very bright, warm and sunny day. The sky turned dark, almost black as the sun started to set and a fine soft, misty rain came in from the sea. The resulting contrast of the bright sun, dark sky and the rainbow made for a happy picture hunt. I did my best with my trusty iPhone and hopefully you can get some idea of how beautiful it was. Next time I’m bringing the Ireland At Home camera with me!

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