Killarney National Park. It’s all about atmosphere

It’s that time of year again!


Time to re-visit the amazing Irish holiday destinations in preparation for the upcoming summer season. My recent visit to Killarney served to remind me of what an incredible area it is to visit. My drive through the Killarney National Park from Kenmare to Killarney on a dull spring day showed how beautiful an area it is even if not visiting in the summer. The views and lakes are spectacular.

Kenmare and Killarney have a lot to offer in terms of attractions and activities. Each of the towns has an array of great restaurants, shops and pubs. There is something to suit all tastes. The hospitality of the Kerry people is superb. The view from the road bridge over Kenmare Bay is breathtaking! The main streets in both towns offer a lot traditional type hostelries. Many have live music in the evenings encouraging a sing-song and audience participation for those looking to partake!

In terms of activities visitors can choose between cycling routes, pony trekking, mountain hikes and water sports. There are any amount of things to do and the local tourist offices are a great source of information and organized tours and activities. Killarney has the amazing Muckross House & Gardens, Moll’s Gap and the Gap of Dunloe. Jaunting carts (pony & trap) are available and offer a novel way to get around and see the attractions.

Think Killarney and get in touch if you would like to visit the area. We can help plan your stay and help arrange some activities for you.






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