Who is Mike Brady?

profile-picHi, I’m Mike Brady. I’m one of the owners of Ireland At Home and I’m responsible for all of our web ‘assets’ – our web sites, blogs and social media. My usual day today responsibilities include the creation of, and maintenance of our web site programming including our availability and bookings, administration tools and payment systems.

I normally live in a darkened room with only my programming code and coffee as constant companions, but now I have the opportunity to engage with you, our wonderful customers. So, I have come, blinking out of the dark shadows to the bright sun-shiney blog to share some of my experiences, give timely holiday advice when needed, give you the inside track on any special offers we might have and hopefully get to know you all a little better.

Hope you enjoy the blog. Contact me at any time with your questions or criticisms (or even praise 🙂 ) and I’ll be happy to respond. In the meantime, check us out in the other places we hang out:

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