“I’m singing in the rain…”


Or why rain on an Irish holiday shouldn’t be a problem!

What is it with April? You just never know what to expect. And yet, I’m sitting in the office here, looking out at the rain, and I can’t help but feel good. I don’t know why but I’m as big a fan of rain as I am of sun. Water is just so precious that it’s a blessing we have so much of it. I kind of like the fact that we live in a temperate climate. Never too hot, never t
oo cold, never too wet or dry. Of course, as Irish people we are nationally obsessed with the weather so we talk about it all the time. Anyway, enough daydreaming and staring out at the drops running down the window, the puddles and the way the rain literally saturates the colours of things around us.

I have a confession to make… I LOVE walks in the rain. Especially on holiday, walking through a forest and hearing the rain overhead on the leaves – there’s no better sound. Or down by the sea with a good wind blowing and the rain is coming down over the sea in sheets. It just looks wonderful and makes you feel like you’re really part of nature. As long as you have the right gear on of course. Without a good waterproof and a warm sweater… not so much 🙂

As a company which tries to find holiday homes for our customers, we often dread seeing the rain coming. But it’s worth remembering that Ireland can be beautiful rain or shine. Of course some of us are not fairing so well and it’s worth noting that flooding has been a problem for many in this country too and the rain I’m looking at now is thankfully not that bad.

My mum used to say “cast not a doubt ’til May is out”, and she was so right. In Ireland it is never a good idea to assume sunshine until we’re past May. This year though we had some good sunny times during Easter and people were booking up holiday homes in record time. Maybe some ‘green shoots of recovery coming’? We hope so.



One thought on ““I’m singing in the rain…””

  1. Hey! What are YOU smoking? 🙂
    Nah – fair comment – Irish weather IS temperate and never extreme.
    Also, no SNAKES! (government aside!) and no earthquakes or volcanoes. What’s not to like?
    Also – who else gets Vivaldi weather (Four Seasons in one day)?
    A great little country!

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