Making memories

Well, the kids have been off for 1 week. We got away last week down to Waterford. Stayed in some self catering accommodation (naturally!), swam in the pool of the nearby hotel. Visted relations, ate too much, sampled some wine (we could walk to the bar!), anyway, you get the idea. It’s great having the kids around all day. I mean, mostly… until they start getting bored and letting you know. “Mum/Dad, I’m bored!”. “There is LITERALLY nothing to do”. That’s LITERALLY nothing to do as distinct from what?

Anyway, we have a six year old girl, 9 year old boy and an 11 year old girl, so they are ALWAYS looking for something to do. Mind you, introduce a computer into that equation and you can have utter peace. Silent, peaceful, calm sort of peace. The sort of peace I imagine you could get from studying Zen Buddhism. And that’s nice, for a time. Then the guilt sets in! How long is too long on computers and tablets? Does it matter if they’re programming, ‘researching’ instead of playing games? Will I regret years from now that my zombie kids, who’s eyes constantly blink in anything but complete darkness and who are devoid of social skills are now failing their exams in school and…. well, that’s enough of that thinking.

But, keeping the kids entertained and constantly occupied is the flip side of the Easter break. THAT’S one of the reasons we go on holiday. To give the kids some new horizons, get them out in the fresh air, sleeping in a new bed, a new house and hopefully some entertainment, like re-discovering the joys of those boardgames on the rainy days. You know what? I think in the end it’s all about making memories. It’s about the photos that will hang on the wall of their loos and sit on the shelves in their sitting rooms when they’re older, married perhaps and living somewhere else. It’s for the moments they look at one of those photos and remember…

best, Mike

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