Covid-19 and Ireland At Home

Some lockdown thoughts from the office

Hi everyone,

it’s been a while since we posted here. Things have been quiet as you can imagine but we have been busy trying to accommodate customers who needed to cancel or change reservations. We have pulled in the sails now and are just sitting out these few months waiting for things to (which they will) get better. Our hearts go out to anybody who has lost family and loved ones during this terrible time. We know that the numbers we hear on the news each evening are not just numbers, each is a tragedy and a grieving family.

We are all waiting on good news each evening as we watch the news, scan the papers and read the comments on online journals and newsfeeds. And we have had some good news. There is movement in the area of a vaccine with a few laboratories reporting some success. Our government, with the help and advice of the health services have mostly got things right and some things wrong, just like any government would and Irish people have responded to the pandemic with maturity and patience. Our current roadmap to relieve the worst of the lockdown is in place, and as long as figures stabalise, we should see businesses coming back online and people enjoying some new found freedoms.

I was interested to hear junior minister Brendan Griffin suggest a new Bank Holiday at the end of the year to encourage people to have a ‘stay-cation’ if the lockdown has been lifted by then. Delighted to see our sector receiving a little love and hopefully this will come to fruition. Simon Harris seems to like the idea:

“Yeah, I think when the country gets through this – and we will get through it – and it’s safe to begin to do some normal things again, I think there would be some benefit in having a day to recognise all that people have been through and sacrificed, that people might be able to enjoy with their family and friends”

Now that’s something to look forward to,

thanks for reading, and stay safe,


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