Beer of the year

It’s no secret that the Irish have a long association with all things pub and enjoy imbibing on special occasions and holidays. It’s surprising then that the craft beer movement didn’t happen sooner. There are now a huge (and to me at least) bewildering variety of beers being produced in micro breweries around the island. Whiplash Beer “of no fixed abode” have won the 2018 Beer of the year, with their beer “Saturate”, an award from Beoir, the consumer group started to support the brewing of craft beers in Ireland. This is the second time they have one the award having won the same award in 2017. Try to catch some on your travels (but not if your driving obviously!).

Their very funky style show just how far craft beers can go in this country.

Find out more about Whiplash on their website.s

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