A walk on the wild side

A shorter route back. Only for the faint hearted!
Some moss and lichen earlier
There is a squirrel there, honest!
Hazy view down to Dublin and busy cranes

I’ve been promising myself to get off my ass and drag myself up to the local park for some exercise. With the holiday season over I have that resolutionary urge to help my body to some recovery. I think the hardest bit is getting the push out the door. Once I got to the park I was feeling great. What’s not to like? A bit of a grey day but the air was fresh, the birds were chirping and I even came over all David Attenborough at one stage and got close to the wildlife (see squirrel hidden in picture 3). Looking down over the city of Dublin, there were a lot of cranes. I think that points at economic recovery, no? Anyway, it all looked very busy down there and reminded me to get back to my desk soon! But not before finishing my walk. I’ll admit to being a little disheartened when a young woman walked past me twice after looping the entire park and I was only about a quarter way around. She looked a lot younger than me though so I don’t feel too bad 🙂 Enjoy my photos and I’ll talk soon.

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